5 Fun Summer Firsts That Will Become Seconds

Happy August! I don’t know what it is, but I have such a GREAT feeling about this month. I woke up this morning excited and in a wonderful mood because I feel like this month is about to bring so many new blessings, new opportunities, and new journeys for myself and my loved ones. In honor of the first day of a new joy filled month I wanted to tell you guys about five firsts that I’m so glad I did and look forward to doing again because they surprisingly brought me so much joy.

1. Attending my first baseball game. Today I went to my first Phillies game with my job and my someone I mentioned in my Finding your Peace post (wink wink). I’m not really a sports person because I simply don’t understand what’s happening, but I love the energy of professional sporting events and learning about the game. I think what made this first 10x better was experiencing it with him especially since he played and coached baseball. I feel like I was apart of that part of his life and I enjoyed learning about the game from him AND the fact that he didn’t get irritated by all of my questions. I told him we have to go to a football game now so I’ll let you guys know how that goes!

2. Bringing HIM to meet my family. I don’t want to be that person who keeps talking about the guy she’s dating but listen sis, this experience is COMPLETELY new for me and it’s going AMAZING, so shoot me. Yes, I’ve “dated” before but they were all on campus so I never really HAD to bring them home and honestly looking back did they deserve to meet my family? Absolutely not. Nonetheless, he met my family even though he’s a family friend and knows most of them lol but most importantly he met my mom, sister, and brother and it went surprisingly very well. I’m looking forward to bringing him around more and if you’re thinking about bringing that special someone around don’t overthink it. I can’t stress it enough just breathe and hope nobody asks “what are your intentions with my daughter?”

3. Attending Essence Festival. This past July I was able to go to New Orleans for the 2019 Essence Festival and it was black girl magic EVERYWHERE. I’ve always wanted to go for that very reason. It’s such an amazing celebration of black people, our talents, our achievements, and our culture that gives you such a feeling of pride and just being surrounded by soooo much #blackexellence. The other part is that I’ve always wanted to go to NOLA literally just to see the architecture and most importantly, eat. I feel like there’s so much history there and I’m looking forward to going back when it’s not as many people and seeing more of the city and learning about their fascinating history.

4. Going to my first concert. Now I know coming from an HBCU I’ve been to a bunch of homecoming concerts, but honestlyyy that doesn’t really count because most of the time you’re lit and may or may not be passed out in the bleachers. I currently love H.E.R and my sister surprised my other sister and I with tickets to her concert for our birthdays. When I say I sung my heart out, there’s literally not one video I made that I didn’t have my less than amazing singing in the background. Not to be dramatic, but I was almost in tears because it’s like I listen to this woman’s music everyday and now I see her live singing all of them. Also, sis is TALENTED so seeing her play so many different instruments and not miss a note was amazing.

5. Practicing yoga and meditation. So this one isn’t really a first, but this past year is the first time that I’ve really made it apart of my daily routine. I’ve always loved the practice, but I made so many excuses not to do it everyday and I thought I needed to go to a yoga studio to get a “real” session in. Now, I’ve realized that all I need is YouTube and a yoga mat (and that’s even optional). I finally started making sure I did that before I did anything else with my day and its helped me tremendously. It’s a positive way to start my day and most importantly is something that is solely for me. Don’t make excuses about things that are going to benefit you and help you obtain inner peace. It’s so easy to put yourself on the back burner, but don’t. Give yourself at least an hour everyday that’s solely for you, you’ll thank yourself for it.

I think firsts are things you’ll remember forever and it makes them even more special when you get to experience them with people you truly love. My advice for experiencing new things is simply, GO FOR IT. Do things that scare you, intimidate you, or you simply think you may not like you never know, it could become something you make a regular activity. Like I said before I’m soooo excited about this new month even though the summer literally flew by I feel like this month is the beginning of change, growth, and complete and utter flourishing. I hope you all take advantage of this last month before school starts back up and that this month is full of abundant blessings for you and your family.

First things gif

Let me know in the comments some end of summer plans you guys have (I expect an invite to all pool parties, just saying).

Bye for now!

“Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar…”            -Michelle Obama

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