5 Reasons Your Black is Beautiful

I’m sure we’ve all seen the heartbreaking video of the beautiful black baby, Ariyonna, who stared at herself in the camera as she was getting her hair done, and with no doubt or hesitation said, “I’m so ugly.” If you’re like me your heart broke not only because this cute chocolate child truly believed these words, but also because you were once, or maybe still are, Ariyonna.

Everybody isn’t fortunate enough to have someone like Shay, her hairdresser/auntie, who wrapped this baby up in love and spoke affirmations and love over her, or amazing hashtags created to uplift them. For this reason, I am here today to give you just SOME of the reasons why you’re dark skin is the most beautiful, cherished and sought after thing on this earth, and you should walk around with nothing but pride and love for your sunkissed melanin.


1. People literally TRY to get your shade and fail….miserably. 

2. Year-round the sun kisses your skin and leaves you glistening like the gold you are.

3. Your skin tone is rich, vibrant and royal. You are a walking symbol of regality and you have a permanent crown placed upon your head.

4. Your skin withstands and bounces back from scars, bruises and traumas because it is the strongest most beautiful armor.

5. Your skin tells the stories of ancestors with royal beginnings who paved the way for us to walk BOLDY in our dark skin.

I know girls like us endured years of name-calling, feeling inadequate, and wishing we were born a few shades lighter just to see the whole world loving “melanin” and praising dark skin models/actors and wondering where was this love when I needed it. We may have not have known it when we were Ariyonna’s age, but all that matters is that you know NOW. You know that your skin tells stories, glistens in the sun, stops people in their tracks, and looks AMAZING in yellow (any color for that matter). Bask in your blackness, babygirl. Let the world and most importantly, yourself know that you no longer lack self-confidence and you love yourself more than anything on this earth, inside and out.

melanin gif

I told you this was for motivational purposes only. In all honesty, I think I needed the reminder too, and now my hope is that you look up from this blog feeling empowered, loved, seen, and gorgeous! (Because you are).

Bye for now!

“I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.” ― Upile Chisala

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