Hey, Sugar Plums! Welcome to The Skin I’m In, my virtual assistant to becoming to a IMG_0715better me.

I launched The Skin I’m In in 2017 as a creative outlet for myself while going through my much-needed self-love journey. During my undergraduate career I was put in situations that forced me to tap into the self-esteem issues I’ve struggled with since a very young age and how they are now manifesting themselves in my teenage and adult life. I also got to participate in community service projects that allowed me to visit schools in Philly and speak to 7th and 8th grade girls. I saw how their own self-esteem was being affected by their environment and the day and age of social media.

I quickly realized that many young black girls like myself, are dealing with a lot of the same issues. I created this blog for the young black girl who was told her skin was too dark, who’s never been quite skinny, who scrolls through Instagram wishing her body even looked half as good as this IG model, and who wants to break out of her shell and become the best version of herself.

In case you were wondering who this girl is who’s trying to get you in your feels, it’s me; my name is Jade A. Daniels, (the A is for Ashlee). I am a 22-year-old Philadelphia native, born and raised in West Philly with my mom, two older brothers, and older sister. I received my B.A in Mass Communications and English from Lincoln University of PA (the FIRST HBCU, just saying) and I am currently working towards my M.S in Communications from Drexel University.

A few fun facts about me!

  1.  My mom and my siblings LOVE to call me spoiled but my favorite saying is “I’m not spoiled, I’m well taken care of.”
  2. As a kid I loved to write fictional stories, I literally had full blown chapters written out in my binder (I should probably find those and contact a publisher, hmm…).
  3. I used to scrub my face super hard in the summer because I didn’t like how dark my skin got. (not so fun but its the truth!)

Back to the topic at hand…

I have been learning to love the skin I’m in for years now and I am still learning to this day. I come from a very loving, nurturing, and tight-knit family and I am fortunate enough to have amazing friends, however, many young girls don’t have that kind of support system. That’s why I’m here. I want The Skin I’m In to be a safe place for young girls to come to learn about self-love, get advice that has helped me through this journey, give their own tips, and be apart of a loving and uplifting community. I want it to be an outlet that so many young girls don’t have in their lives and somewhere to uplift and empower them in a world that tears them down.

Now that you know my story and why I’m here, I encourage you beautiful ladies to follow me on Twitter @theskinny17 for alerts about new posts, daily inspiration, and to simply say HI!

Bye for now…

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” -Zoe Kravitz